Center Pin Tool

SKU: 06-5375

This is a classic tool has been used by the piano technician industry for generations.  Now we have decided to upgrade this already fantastic tool up to Wessell, Nickel, & Gross standards.

The most notable refinement we‚ have made to this familiar tool is in its smoothness. Typically, this tool has unpolished steel rods that slide inside holes in the bare aluminum itself. That just means too much friction can develop and possible binding, even when lubricated. So, you have to work that much harder, placing unnecessary stress and strain on your hand and forearm especially when repining complete sets of parts.

We have polished the steel rods and added bronze bushings for them to slide in. Because of the smoother non-binding operation, we are able to use a lighter gauge spring for further stress reduction. Has a replaceable screw-in pushpin. Finish is black anodized aluminum to keep the metal from staining your hands during extended use. WNG logo is laser etched.

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