WNG Custom Back Action

SKU: 06-5802

What Options Should I Choose?

If you have any questions regarding what options to order with or how to order your damper action, please download the Custom Back Action Process instructions. You can specify a custom damper action by following these steps: 1) If you want WNG to supply damper heads and wires you will need to: - Establish the number of dampers in the piano. - Establish the number of bass dampers. 2) Determine which flange rail to use. 3) Determine which under lever combination of - Mounting flange (If using the Spring Flange how many notes with assist springs.) - Top flange height - Spoon Length - Leading pattern 4) Determine whether or not you wish WNG to supply a sostenuto rod installation kit. Please note that this costs an additional $75.00.

Can you drill and tap aluminum rails?

Drilling and tapping aluminium isn't difficult, but it is different than wood. You'll need aluminium tapping fluid, a 3.3 drill bit, and a M4.7 thread tap before you can start drilling. Please note that WNG does not include these materials with its damper actions. However, you don't have access to or can't find them, WNG offers them in a kit or you can buy them individually via the links below.

Do you need a scale stick?

To complete your order of an Assembled Custom Damper Action, you will need to send WNG a completed Scale Stick. For information on how to order a Scale Stick Kit and instructions on how to use it, please visit our Scale Stick page.

Important: All scale sticks should be sent to 4111 N. Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95834 suite 1.

Installation Help

The damper action installation is broken into several parts. You can read each of the segments below:

Orders are usually shipped within one week. If you need your order right away, please call us at (916) 719-4323 if you have any questions. for an estimated ship date and expedited freight services. The carrier is responsible for any lost or damaged shipments. Delivery times are estimates only and may vary.
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