Technician Endorsements

"Having sampled the entire WNG parts catalog, I can confidently say that WNG is ushering in a new era of innovation in piano technology. All the products are well designed and executed, and the engineers have been especially attentive to the needs and desires of the field technicians out in the trenches. Bravo!”

Jude J. Reveley
RPT, Owner, Absolute Piano Restoration, LLC, Piano Designer, Rebuilder and Manufacturer of Belly Components:

"I'm extremely impressed with all the work that has gone into the development of the WNG parts. They are amazing. I will use the full spectrum of parts you offer in anything I rebuild from now on. These parts are perfection re-invented."

Donnie Dennison
Piano Re-builder, Technician

"The back checks are very well thought out. Checking can be set as close as you want without any interference. Closer checking allows stronger rep spring tension and better repetition. The installation kit is a big part of making these parts work correctly. Minimal regulation is required."

Gene Nelson

"Would I recommend WNG parts? Yes. In fact they will be my action parts of choice for any future rebuilding that I might be doing."

Del Fandrich
Piano Designer and Manufacturing Consultant

"I had great results with the hammer tail squaring jig which allowed me to perfectly set up my checking on a University rebuild. I really like the backcheck tool set."

Gavin Dunne

"I have used several sets of the plate height adjustabolts with great success. It’s my default system of choice & the price is reasonable."

Dale Erwin

"Together with the anodized aluminum capstans, the WNG composite parts provide a new arsenal for action performance and weight control."

Dale Fox

"I could detect no difference in tone. The treble had a clean sound, without the woody thud sometimes associated with traditional parts. I would recommend the WNG parts."

Zeno Wood
Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College

"The WNG shanks are excellent! I would also like to compliment you on the back check components; combined with the shanks they truly take regulation to a new level!"

Bruce Fanzlaw

Artist Endorsements

"Bravo---love a "fast" action! Gorgeous sound. Very impressive level of attention to detail and quality control."

Richard Dowling
DMA, Award-winning Concert Pianist

"Very fast retraction and settlement. Very clear tone, very rich sound. More than a regular piano action it provides a very clear and distinct sound. I feel it's a great advantage to Earth because it's eco-friendly."

La Palabra
Band Leader, Singer, Pianist, Producer and Arranger

"I was really quite impressed with the action and movement on the piano board. There was no rigidity in the keys and it was extremely touch-sensitive. The tone of the piano was crystal clear and very resonant."

Jon Dowling
Pianist and Composer

"Perfect. There's no hesitation from thought to music. Hands down the smoothest, fastest, most responsive action I've ever played. Also incredibly powerful."

Ron Tanski
Blues, Jazz, Gospel Pianist, Singer, Composer

"Responsiveness was excellent, tight. Brilliant, clear, cutting tone. Impressive fullness of sound, ability to project was amazing."

John R. Varn
Pianist and Keyboardist

"Wessell, Nickel & Gross’ composite action parts are brilliantly designed. They give the piano an even and very responsive action."

Sam Sorensen
Pianist and Composer

"This action, like no other, gives you the sensation that your fingers are playing directly on the strings. An amazing feeling. The tone that it produces is extremely clear and beautiful. With this action the responsiveness is extraordinary; it feels as if you could do anything that your imagination would allow."

Viktor Valkov
MM, Concert Pianist