WNG Large Sample Parts Kit

SKU: 06-5231

WNG offers a Sample Parts Kit to aid technicians in determining which parts will work best on a specific piano. The kit consists of several pre-assembled shanks and repetitions that will fit most common piano brands, and which can be installed on a trial basis. It also contains a variety of flanges, shanks, and knuckles so that a custom action can be built to match most pianos. With nine different repetition heel heights that can be placed in fourteen different positions, a technician has the ability to experiment with different combinations to improve the geometry of the piano action. Also contains samples of backchecks, bridge pins, key pins, let-off buttons and screws, and more.

This product is no longer eligible for a rebate as of 2/6/2024.  All sales made before this date are still eligible for 1-year following the purchase date.

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