WNG Select Hammers

SKU: 06-5461

WNG Select Hammers are a high performance choice with Wurzen AA felt, underfelt, and bamboo molding.  This is a specially manufactured medium/hard hammer exclusively for WNG.

WNG Select Hammers are designed for all sizes of grand piano and are especially suited for concert grands as the hammers produce a very rich and powerful tone quality with minimal voicing.

Available in Gross 4, 5, and 6

Important: If you would like WNG to shape or hang your hammers for you, we recommend measuring the hammers yourself at the piano, and submitting a complete Hammer Boring Worksheet along with your order. Filling out the sheet with the entire hammer set and piano available, ensures the greatest accuracy, and allows you the opportunity to correct any errors you may find in the old hammers, or compensate for any errors in the strings that was not previously accounted for. If you would like us to measure your hammers for duplication, please adhere to the following procedure for sending in hammer samples:

  1. Confirm the Make, Model, and Serial Number of the piano
  2. Look at the strings/hammers and confirm at which note number they become parallel, and at what angle (usually 0 degrees in octave 5 or 6, some concert grands finish at 2 degrees). For example: "Hammer 53 is last angled, and 54-88 are all 0 degrees."
  3. Add the info from steps 1 and 2 to your order form or email it to chrism@pianodisc.com and include order number.
  4. Gather a few hammer samples:
    1. Hammer 1
    2. Last Bass Hammer
    3. First Tenor Hammer
    4. Last Angled Treble Hammer
    5. Hammer 72 (for hanging only)
    6. Hammer 88 (for hanging only)
  5. Ship the samples to:
                     Wessell, Nickel, and Gross
                     ATTN: Chris
                     4111 N Freeway Blvd
                     Suite 1
                     Sacramento, CA 95834

    Orders are usually shipped within one week. If you need your order right away, please call us at (916) 719-4323 if you have any questions. for an estimated ship date and expedited freight services. The carrier is responsible for any lost or damaged shipments. Delivery times are estimates only and may vary.
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